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  FMEA(Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) is an analytical technique that identifies the potential failure modes of a product or system without omission and evaluates the likelihood of occurrence and the seriousness of effect of each failure mode experientially, technically or experimentally to examine into the main problems logically. This technique is one of major analysis methods utilized for the acquisition of reliability and safety following the concept of prevention of any failures even at the development stage of products or systems.

  Today, FMEA, well-known for its use in the analysis of the reliability and safety of products that require higher reliability, such as those in aerospace and munition industries, is widely used in all manufacturing industries, including the automobile, electric/electronics and precision-instrument industries. Other than the design FMEA that used to analyze products in the design stage, there are also variants of the FMEA such as the process FMEA that used to analyze manufacturing processes, the equipment FMEA that used to analyze equipments or machines, etc. From these reasons, engineering softwares supporting FMEA have been developed and on sale mainly by American and European companies so far. However, most of them just focuses on the worksheet.

  FMEAmaster is the knowledge-based engineering software designed to assist you in conducting an FMEA effectively. Unlike the common FMEA methodology that can be seen in the existing FMEA softwares, FMEAmaster is designed to validate various factors, which the worker should consider during the process, systematically and precisely through the system menus and functions. It has functions that can handle the function block diagram, the structure block diagram, the function-structure block diagram, and the process flow diagram for deploying and realizing the items being analyzed. You can predict the potential failure modes for the target item without omission using the Failure Mode Prediction function which is equipped with the parts of exploring the failure mode library, searching for the failure modes of the similar items and functions, and entering the predicted failure mode directly. It is also possible to precisely analyze the effect-and-cause mechanisms of failure using the FMM(Failure Mode Mechanism) diagram Editor which allows you to handle and manage easily the graphical objects used to depict the schematic diagram of the effect-and-cause mechanisms of failure. Other than these, FMEAmaster has various functions to overcome critical problems built in the existing FMEA methodologies effectively. It especially manages all the data generated from the FMEA process through a database so it can be used as a very useful tool that can systematically accumulate and reuse experiences and know-how obtained from the target item as proprietary structured knowledge.