· Overview

  DR(Design Review) is an organized activity confirming the progress of processes to the next stage by advising improvement idea through gathering knowledge upon manufacturing, delivery, installation, usage and maintenance that are devised in order to achieve quality of product design.

  Conventional DR had been practiced emphasizing finding solutions of problems by review of designs. However, recently DR becomes widely used for effective management of whole development processes as well as design contents. Very similar to FMEA, DR has become an activity for not only identifying problems but also preventing their occurrence.

  For instance, Toyota automotive company has been actively applying GD3(Good Design, Good Discussion, Good Design Review), prevention activities, for early securing design quality and reliability. Their activities solely relies on DRBFM(Design Review Based on Failure Mode) method.

  DRBFM, a process combining FEMA and DR, is identifying problems and providing their solutions. It consists of preparation of DRBFM worksheets and progress of DR based on the worksheets.

  DRmaster including DRBFM by Toyota automotive company is a knowledge-based engineering software managing effective application of DR through the development processes of new products. It provides DR running on Internet and Intranet as well as worksheet management of each process of DR and relation of DR with Work-Flow.