Prospective customer
Major contents



  The brief overview of necessity of FMEA and the methodology of new concept FMEA overcoming problems occurring during application of conventional FMEA will be given and as a result, the application of FMEA will be realized at its maximum performance. The contents of program would be flexibly varied according to customers' needs.


Prospective customer

  • Who only recognizes importance of FMEA without application.
  • Who already applied FMEA but does not get successful results.
  • Who is not satisfied with conventional FMEA.
  • Who tries to secure quality and reliability of newly developed products as early as possible.
  • Who wants to accumulate knowledge in a systematic way acquired from individual employees.
  • Who wants to acquire PLP using FMEA.


Major contents

  • Overview of FMEA
    • Importance of FMEA for development process
    • Examples of application of FMEA
    • Problems of application of FMEA and their solutions

  • Methodology of effective FMEA trough new concept
  • Example of applications
  • Effective correlation with other methods
    • DR, FTA, QFD, DOE etc.

  • Hands-on training