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It has become top priority of industries to develop a new product at a right time satisfying customers' requirements that varies with rapid change of social environment. Efforts to acquire quality and reliability of products even at the early stage of their development are being practiced mainly by manufacturing companies.

In particular, change of concept from the prevention of reoccurrence of the same troubles to the prevention of any troubles by drawing out and eliminating potential problems based on accumulated knowledge and technical know-how has resulted in higher interest in early analysis and prevention activities.

Also, the rapid development of information technologies quickly changing working environment in industries makes the amount of work on network become increased and the effective, efficient management of knowledge and information scattered over the inside of a company has become a critical factor deciding a level of its competitiveness.

GDnP Solution, providing knowledge-based engineering software solutions created by quality/reliability engineering specialists and software engineers, does its best to incorporate advanced information technologies into the development of engineering tools effectively utilized for the improvement of quality, reliability and safety of new products during their design and development processes. Unorganized product development know-how residing in the inside of a company, i.e., various problem-solving experience obtained by each individual can be shaped into structures and diagrams, and then accumulated and shared as company-owned knowledge that can be reused for the development of better products. GDnP Solution makes all these possible by providing companies all around the world with engineering solutions developed through its own unique technologies. GDnP Solution is making every effort to develop and provide the best solutions satisfying demands of customers keeping hearing to the necessities by field engineers in order to improve the competitiveness of customers in technology, development and product.

Thank you.

CEO   Kyung Hun Jeong